Altair SS19

“ALTAIR” SS19 finds us traveling at the speed of light to a distant world, a tropical place in the depths of Saturn where wild life remains intact, magical and untouched. Plants of absurd dimensions and pastel palm trees are the main characters in the new ALEXIA ULIBARRI collection.

Look for a line up of hand embroidered pieces and experimental prints bringin to life the Alienation context. A world of our own where everything is possible, a hint of 90’s subcultures and tattooing mixed with aristocratic silhouettes and bodycon pattern cutting.

This season there’s a special collaboration with artist Matty D’arienzo in the tattooed printed pieces symbolizing a need of self expression no longer found only on the skin but on clothing as canvas, in a world of fast changing ambience we no longer have control of our skin.

A pastel yet acid color palette, gives us a tropical Californian vintage vibe and accents the special summer season in which love seems real and warm afternoons hit us endlessly.


Alexia Ulibarri believes in “intelligent luxury”, our design essence resides in nostalgia, drama and romanticism.

Stories that translate into meaningful garments. The brand speaks of women from past and present, taking into account every detail possible to make each collection adjust to uniqueness and everyday life.

Each piece of every collection is made of the finest materials and seeks to adapt to different personalities and body forms through special details, cuts and technologies.

Concepts are materialized and brought to life only when the garment is on the female body. The craftsmanship and detail are the finishing elements that make the difference.